Japanese Name: ウィンダム
Romanized Name: Windamu
English Name: Wyndham

Wyndham was the capital of the Kingdom of Midland. Originally a prosperous city and home to thousands of nobles, Wyndham was the capital of the kingdom that Griffith hoped to inherit through a marriage to Princess Charlotte. Griffith's plans never came to pass, and upon the King of Midland's passing, the city was turned over to Ganishka, who occupied it during his invasion of Midland. Ganishka held the city until he ultimately (and unintentionally) destroyed it by trampling on it in his transformed Shiva state.

Geography Edit

Wyndham was a huge city located roughly in the center of the continent on which it sat. Like the rest of Midland, Wyndham's temperate climate meant that it suffered no adverse weather conditions and experienced seasons ranging from summer to winter.

Wyndham now exists as rubble created by being trampled on by a giant Shiva-form Ganishka during the events immediately preceding the Great Roar of the Astral World. The denizens of the city were evacuated beforehand and, aside from much of Ganishka's own army, no witnesses to Ganishka's transformation were killed during Wyndham's destruction.

Story Edit

Originally founded by Emperor Gaiseric as the capital of his continent-spanning empire due to its location in the rough center of the continent. The city that once stood in Wyndham's place was destroyed in a cataclysmic event some time during Gaiseric's reign, and Wyndham was founded on the same site by Gaiseric's (supposed) indirect descendants, the royal family of Midland, centuries later.

During the Hundred-Year War, the King, Queen and hundreds of elite nobles reigned from the illustrious, well-defended city. The royal court hosted huge banquets during the war, uniting the nobles with high-ranking generals. A culture of rumors and shadowy affairs grew within the ranks of the nobles, creating a secret brotherhood within the royal court.

After the war, the kingdom grew drunk from the spoils of war. Without reconciling their war-torn borders or rebuilding the near-toppled kingdom, the increasingly insane King led Midland to destruction on a wild goose chase searching for Griffith. Wyndham eventually fell along with all other major Midland cities to the rapid spread of the Kushan Invasion. Wyndham served as the base of operations of Emperor Ganishka and his demonic army of Pishacha and Daka. When Ganishka was transformed by his man-made Beherit, he unintentionally destroyed Wyndham by trampling it. Ganishka was killed by Femto, and the pent-up power inside his body was released, causing the Great Roar of the Astral World, resulting in the city of Falconia appearing a short distance from Wyndham's remains.

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