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The World Spiral Tree.

The World Spiral Tree appeared where Ganishka's twice reincarnated body was after Femto used a stroke from the Sword of Actuation to split open the apostle;[1] a giant tree consisting of two immense, arching trunks intertwined in a helix-shape, with branches that scrape the sky. It is directly underneath this tree that the city of Falconia sits.

The World Spiral Tree's creation is ground zero of the Blast of the Astral World, explained by Gedfring to be the source of the global Interstice linking the astral and corporeal worlds. He describes it as a great fissure; a borehole similar to those created by beherits. The archmage additionally reveals that the tree's growth is being stymied by the spirit trees of the world, as a means of preventing its branches from completely cloaking the world.[2]

Notes Edit

  • Falconians believe the World Spiral Tree to be the source of the surrounding area's ever-fruitful harvest season.[3]

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