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Wicker men are giant and destructive constructs made of sacrificed humans.[1][2]


Wicker men are giant wooden/metal structures built in an effigy of a man. These constructs use the life force of captured enemy soldiers from a great kingdom on the continent that once attacked Skellig. They were locked within the structure and set ablaze using ancient magic as a sacrifice. They wield two giant flails made from tree trunks and metal spikes. Inside are the remains of these sacrifices (skulls and spirits alike) until the fetish itself is broken.[1][2]


When the Black Swordsman Party first steps ashore Skellig, they are seen as intruders by mages inhabiting the island. After the group dispatches scarecrow and pumpkin creatures guarding the Skellig fields, Molda summons a wicker man to attack the group, despite the complaints of other mages who remark that its usage is considered taboo. In spite of that, Guts takes down the wicker man in one swing of his Dragon Slayer after shooting its head with his cannon arm.[1]

Later, Molda and Schierke pay a passing visit to Molda's mentor, Volvaba, who berates her pupil for having used a wicker man earlier without her consent. Several wicker men are seen stationed in Volvaba's territory, and Molda explains their nature to Schierke.[2]


Wicker men are able to use their size, strength, flames, and giant flails for combat, making them dangerous to fight against at close range.[1]



  • In-universe wicker men function largely the same as out-of-universe wicker men supposedly did – as effigies used as human sacrifices to be burnt by ancient Celtic druids.


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