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The White Dragon Knights were an army in Midland. Admired as the kingdom's mightiest, they were a part of Midland's regular army.[1]


Led by the King of Midland's brother general Julius,[1] their role being the king's guard and safety. It was customary for them to act as the king's guard during the Autumn Hunt.[1][3] Its glory faded after the ascension of the Band of the Falcon. Julius attempted to have Griffith assassinated upon deeming him a political threat for not being born a noble.[1] For this, he asked the best White Dragon Knights crossbowman to purchase poison and kill the White Falcon during the annual Autumn Hunt.[2] Hiding in the bushes, the man fired his crossbow at Griffith's chest. Though the arrow made its mark, Griffith's beherit blocked the arrow.[3] After the Autumn Hunt, Hail begged a furious Julius for forgiveness and suggested a cover story, only to be ordered to leave the general's sight.[4] In retaliation, Griffith asked Guts to kill the general.[2] After Julius' death, the king announced the Band of the Falcon to become the "White Phoenix Knights" due to their deeds in the Doldrey campaign.[5]



  • The "white" title was Midland's army highest ennoblement.[5]
  • Julius wished for his son Adonis to become the leader of the White Dragon Knights.[2]


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