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Volvaba is an elderly mage residing beneath Skellig. She is the mentor of Molda.[1]


Fantasia Arc[]

Volvaba is met by Schierke and Molda while the two are following Gedfring, the Skull Knight, and Guts into the depths of Skellig. After the elderly mage complains about how Molda used a wicker man without perrmission, Schierke introduces herself and informs Volvaba that she is Flora's pupil. Receiving directions from Volvaba, the two mages make their way into the stone forest of the dwarves. As they depart, Volvaba ponders the coinciding arrivals of a pupil of Flora's and the Skull Knight, surmising that the prognostications of Elfhelm's gurus are coming true.[1]

Volvaba is seen again during the evacuation of Skellig.[2]


  • According to Molda, Volvaba is known by Skellig's inhabitants specifically as 呪い婆 (literally "Old woman who curses"). Furthermore, Molda describes Volvaba as "a master of curses and manipulation of departed souls".[1]


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