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If it be reason that destiny transcend human intellect and make playthings of children, it is cause and effect that a child bear his evil and confront destiny.
– Void[2]

Void is a member of the God Hand.


Void is very philosophical, more so than his demonic cohorts. His manner of speech is more formal and archaic than the other members of the God Hand, a testament to his age and wisdom. Much of what he has to say pertains to the flow of causality.

He is subdued in his temperament, showing no emotion even when confronted by something unforeseen by him and his kinsmen.[3] He is also the most polite member of the God Hand, addressing the Band of the Falcon as honored guests rather than treating them as mere sacrifices.[4]


Manga E362 Void and Four Beings

Void alongside four inhuman beings at a temporal junction point.

In a distant time, Void manifested at a temporal junction point alongside four inhuman beings distinct from his current kinsmen. He and the other four beings were witnessed by an unidentified man clad in the Berserker Armor.[5]


Golden Age Arc

Void and the other God Hand members first make themselves known to Griffith while he is imprisoned in the Tower of Rebirth. Appearing in Griffith's vision, the God Hand introduces itself as Griffith's kinsmen and refer to Griffith as a "Blessed King of Longing" while ensuring him that they will soon meet at the appointed time and place.[6]

Manga E78 Void Urges Griffith

Void instructing Griffith to continue pursuing his dream.

Once the Eclipse is underway, with Griffith and the Band of the Falcon arriving in an Interstice, the God Hand members see to convincing Griffith to sacrifice his comrades in exchange for joining their ranks and continuing the pursuit of his dream. Deriving visions from Griffith's past, Ubik reminds Griffith of who he is, and Void urges Griffith to accept his destiny and claim raven black wings with which he can soar higher than any summit in pursuit of his dream.[2]

As consecrated by causality, Griffith wills the sacrifice and Void then proceeds to perform the Invocation of Doom, branding all members of the Band of the Falcon present. After Griffith's rebirth as the fifth God Hand member Femto is complete with the deaths of all but Guts and Casca, the Skull Knight intervenes and immediately strikes at Void, which Void counters with spatial manipulation. As the Skull Knight glides past Void, the two stare at each other. The knight ultimately spirits Guts and Casca back to the Physical World.[3]

Black Swordsman Arc

Manga E0-7 God Hand Manifested

The God Hand are summoned.

Two years following Femto's birth, Void and the other God Hand members manifest at a temporal junction point before the fatally wounded Slug Count. Void and his cohorts attempt to convince the Count to offer his daughter Theresia as a sacrifice in exchange for new life, but do so in vain. Unwilling to sacrifice his daughter even on the verge of his own demise, the Count is dragged into the Vortex of Souls and the temporal junction point ends.[7]

Conviction Arc


The God Hand manifests rudimentary forms during the Incarnation Ceremony.

During the Incarnation Ceremony at Albion, Void and the other senior God Hand members manifest rudimentary forms from the restless spirits running amok in the city. After attempting to strike down Void and realizing the angel and his cohorts are not entirely corporeal, Guts relents and turns his focus to Casca. While the Incarnation Ceremony succeeds with Femto incarnating in the form of Griffith, the process separates the other God Hand members across different layers of the Astral World.[8]

Millennium Falcon Arc

After the Great Wave of the Astral World brings about the merging of the physical and astral realms, Void and the other senior God Hand members gain corporeal forms within the new world of Fantasia.[9]


Manga E88 Skull Knight Attacks Void

Void uses spatial manipulation to counter the Skull Knight's attack.

Spatial Manipulation: Void can defend himself by bending space, such as creating two linked portals to redirect the Skull Knight's attack back at the knight.[10]

Causal Awareness: Void can see the flow of causality, enabling him to foresee almost any possibility and influence the course of events to ensure a given possibility becomes a reality. He is not omniscient, however, and cannot anticipate everything.[3]

Invocation of Doom: Void is the only member of the God Hand shown to perform the Invocation of Doom, the action of marking the souls of victims with the Brand of Sacrifice and damning them to being ceaselessly preyed upon by all manner of evil creatures until death. This ability is used as a means of branding the sacrificial offerings of desperate individuals who willingly offer as much to the God Hand in exchange for the fulfillment of a great desire.[11][2]


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Void's Body

Void's body according to his official Figma action figure.

  • When asked about the ultimate goal of the God Hand in an interview for the Berserk Illustrations File, Kentarou Miura stated it was too early to reveal their goal, but gave a clue to speculate over: "The key is 'void'." Though the katakana for Void the God Hand member (ボイド) is used in the interview, ボイド also refers to the English word for the general concept of void (i.e. a completely empty space).[12]
  • The Count refers to Void in particular as "archangel" (天使の長, Tenshi no Chou).[11]
  • The officially licensed Figma action figure of Void reveals that his body consists only of his two long arms attached to a vertebral column. It is unknown whether Kentarou Miura created this design.
  • Void is one of the few characters in Berserk Musou to have a new voice actor.