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Vargas was a doctor-turned-rebel who devoted the final seven years of his life to killing the Count. Once the Count's court physician, Vargas discovered his employer's identity as an Apostle and promptly attempted to flee the Count's castle with his wife and two sons. However, Vargas and his family were apprehended and returned to the Count, who kept them locked in a dungeon and forced Vargas to watch as he ate Vargas' wife and children, this being interspersed with Vargas' own torturing. Before he himself could be killed, Vargas managed to fake his own death and escape the dungeon with the Count's Behelit, go into hiding, and begin to plan out the Count's downfall.


Vargas was a very small man. He had a large roundish head despite having a rather weak and frail body. After being tortured at the Count's hands, Vargas was left with horrific injuries to his face and limbs that resulted in his nose, right eye and ear, and both legs being removed, along with the skin on the right side of his face. Vargas hid his facial injuries under bandages and replaced his amputated legs with two wooden replacements and began to use a cane to assist in balance.


Despite his disconcerting appearance, Vargas was a kindly man who wished well to all he met, with the exception of the Count. Having met Guts during the latter's days as the Black Swordsman (wherein Guts was less mindful of other people's opinions or feelings), Vargas was often subjected to humiliating abuse at Guts' hands, such as having his cane kicked out from under him and falling flat on his face. Despite this, Vargas never lashed out against Guts and instead sought to ally with him, knowing that the Black Swordsman possessed the skills needed to defeat the Count.

Vargas also took an active stance in the defense of innocents: when Zondark raided Vargas' laboratory in search of Guts, Vargas shielded Puck from falling debris caused by Zondark's whip-like attacks with his own body. Through his interactions with Puck, Vargas began to entertain the idea of abandoning his revenge in favor of moving on with his life, but was captured and killed before he could further develop the philosophy.


As a former doctor for the Count, Vargas possessed a wealth of knowledge in the field of medicine. This knowledge ultimately allowed him to convincingly fake his own death and escape captivity while captured by the Count. He also apparently had knowledge in crafting smoke bombs, having used them to aid Guts in escaping a regiment of the Count's guards.


Black Swordsman Arc


  • When the Count was finally taken to the Abyss, Vargas was seen among the first spirits to drag him down.


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