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The Vandimion family, also known as "House Vandimion", is a family of high-class nobles. Its assets are rumoured to surpass the budget of an eminent nation. They are entwined with other royal families of several kingdoms and boast tremendous influence in the religious community.[1] They are also behind the Vandimion Bank, with Giorgio being its joint manager as well as the general financial manager of the Holy See's Accounting Office.[2] Another example of their power can be seen when the Holy See does battle against Kushan - many nations would not be able to wage war were it not for Vandimion financial backing,[3] Tudor included. Similarly, the financial administration of the Holy See is managed single-handedly by the Vandimion Bank.[4] During the crisis around Albion, the Vandimion family provided the majority of provisions for the refugees.[5]

Their expansive mansion sits in the Holy City. Though dozens of servants cater to their needs, many of them ran off during Farnese's youth due to the girl's disposition.[1] The mansion had a huge garden where the young Farnese would wander about, all alone.[6] One of the mansion's houses burned down in the fire that Farnese -who was sixteen at the time- started when her father arranged a marriage for her.[7]

The Vandimion family is also seen in a Vritannis mansion. Said mansion prominently features a four-leaf clover motif.[2] This mansion is manned by several servants, such as the ones that help Farnese after a bath, those overseeing dinner and those who work as coaches.[6]





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