I'm a HUGE fan of Berserk. I've not read the manga but seen the anime and currently going through the 2017 (season 2) and cant help but think that this dark plot adult medieval masterpeice is suddenly turning into a fairy story, still with an adult theme. 

I am not able to come to terms with the fact that Gatsu's band is consisting of two small kids and tiny elves doing kiddy stuffs. There is Casca who has lost her mind. There is serpico who seems to be badass but is still small in size (nowhere near Gatsu's huge body-frame) and then there is Farnese who is still budding in the harsh reality and not really that useful in combat.

The entire theme of Berserk is  a dark medieval fantasy with violence and nudity, and suddenly you have small kiddy elves doing comedy and small kids in the mix. Not to mention elemental magic too, which is now becoming more and more cliche. I feel it diverted from its core and headed towards pleasing a younger fan-base by having kid characters, which is just not settling down with me. 

What I would have loved is seeing bigger, badder and more musle bound freaks having huge axes and hammers for weapons and a more combat based environment, less of magic (something like conan the barberian movie types) cos that would be so much more fitting to our hunky protoganist Gatsu. 

Do any of you feel the same or are you guys OK with these kid characters?