Greetings all! I come to you with news for those who have or haven't heard, Kentaro Miura has returned to writing, which is good news for us all. Though Kentaro Miura has began work on a new original series known as Gigantomakhia, Gigantomakhia will run in Young Animal, the same company that publishes Berserk, for 6 chapters.

Fans will be able to rejoice as Miura is believed to return to the world of Berserk after finishing up work on Gigantomakhia.

Gigantomakhia is a must see for all fans of both Berserk and Kentaro Miura. With Chapter 1 now realized, some might fans skeptical about Muira's new work. One thing is for sure, Miura's art is strong as it as always and never fails to disappoint.

So what is Gigantomakhia? Set 300 years future the story follows two travelers by the name of Prome and Delos, believed to exploring a world on the verge of war.

For those who check Gigantomakhia and enjoy it, join myself and a few familiar users over at the Gigantomakhia Wiki

I eagerly await the next chapter of Gigantomakhia, as it a series with some potential. Until then be on the look at of my review of Gigantomakhia's Chapter either here or the Gigantomakhia Wiki.