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    Berserk's Top Moments

    July 12, 2018 by Besty17

    It's been a while since I last seen or wrote a blog on here. So I thought I'd give this a go with a quick blog.


    A possible coversational one. The Eclipse is the series' most talked about moment amongst fans and non fans alike. The event helped shape the future direction the series would undergo. Shortly freed from the dungeons of the Tower of Rebirth. It showed us the lengths and just how far Griffith would be willing to go in order to achieve his dreams. The Eclipse has left a lasting effect on both the characters and the readers alike.

    Hill of Swords

    Absent from the events of the elcipse. Unbeknownst to the truth behind the death of his freinds and comrades. In the years following, on a large hilled snowy mountain Rickert would plac…

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  • Besty17

    Follow Us!

    May 18, 2017 by Besty17

    Hello all!

    For those who have or haven't noticed. I have recently launched/opened a Discord server.

    Discord appears to be great a social platform compared to the wiki chat. It's free to join, easy to use and a good platform to communicate and keep track of updates related to the wiki and Berserk. Join the server today.

    We also have a twitter for those who are also interested in following us.

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  • Besty17

    Strolling through the woods Guts and company prepare for their meeting with the Elfin Ruler. When Isidro takes a misstep and becomes clinched to a tree branch. Suddenly joined by Isma, they are both treated to introduction of Pock, Pack, Peck, Pick, Puck's siblings. Kinda of ironic how their characteristics fun in the family.

    When the Elves and other Astral Lifeforms swarm the travellers. Danann steps in to create a path towards getting to the scheduled meeting. Some really great panels showing the different types of races living in the forest.

    Advancing forwards the travellers enter a hole in the tree. Much to everyone's surprise inside tree appears to be a huge place.

    Now finally, after some kind performance show featuring Puck and Manifico…

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  • Besty17

    Other Series

    July 30, 2016 by Besty17

    Now that everyone is starting to get along again. I thought I'd use this opportunity for everyone to get each other a little better.

    So my question to everyone is what other anime or manga do follow other than Berserk?

    My reading list can be found here [1] and watch list can be found here [2]

    Also don't forget too get involved with Berserk Wiki:Featured Polls.

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  • Besty17

    Our sword swinging and blood pumping adventure is back with our first chapter of the year! Hurray!

    With the flaming puppet now on its back laying in defeat. Guts & company quickly find themselves subject to a death threat curtsy of Morda.

    With Schierke trying to plead their innocence, more witches appear being led by Wednesday Addams where they quickly realise something's burning. Within seconds the rain appears extinguishing the fire and a old man riding a goat appears? Now that was fast.

    Now that the witches and humans are finally gathered together. The young witches are congratulated by the old man. For doing what exactly?

    The old man introduces himself as Gedfring and mentions the Eleven King prophesied their arrival after Schierke asking …

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