aka the editing atheist

  • I live in Almere
  • I was born on March 18
  • My occupation is student
  • I am male

I apparently was a Bureaucrat/God Hand here, so welcome and ask me questions please.


1 I am here to elevate this wikia as much as I can.

2 If you want to undo or undo one of my edits, always list the reason why, if you don't list the reason why, I can't learn and will just revert the page back to how it was before you undid my edit. I need to know why something can or can't be done. So list a reason please. Also communicate everything, everything. 

3 Do not let the past stand in the way of new beginnings.

To do list

  • 1 Minor Characters Pages Discussion ended. Done
  • 2 Story Arcs Page finished. Done
  • 3 Fill Galleries on hold.
  • 4 Go through the Music Pages on hold.
  • 5 Go Through All the Chapter Pages Again to begin once upon a time I hope.
  • 6 Finish all the Volume Pages to begin.
  • 7 Go through the Arc Pagesto begin.
  • 8 Go through the list of characters and update where necessary to begin
  • 9 Go over character pages once more with feeling to begin
  • 10 Make wiki decorations to begin
  • 11 Go through the episode pages to begin
  • 12 Make and through the merchandise pages to begin


Edits of OnePieceNation on Berserk Wiki
Total: 5,908
Article: 4,459
Talk: 45
User: 75
Thread: 160
Project: 3
Project Talk: 2
File: 320
File talk: 0
Template: 44
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Category: 77
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Forum: 2
User blog: 16
User blog comment: 41

The Wiki's I work on

Starting today 2 september 2019 I will only work on a single wiki's at a time. Furthermore I have decided to cut down the number of wiki's I work on all the way to 15. The following 15 to be precise. And yes number one was just created today and it is going to be amazing and great, both of these things, I am very minor league confident in this.

  • 1 Harry Potter CAD3 Wiki of which I am the Founder, Admin and Bureaucrat, this wiki is me third born.
  • 2 Stargate Program Wiki of which I am the Founder, Admin and Bureaucrat, this wiki is my second born.
  • 3 Gantz Wiki of which I am an admin.
  • 4 Darren Shan Wiki of which I became the admin, after adopting it.
  • 5 Hunter x Hunter Wiki of which I am an admin.
  • 6 Bakuman Wiki of which I am an admin.
  • 7 History Strongest Disciple Kenichi Wiki of which I am an admin.
  • 8 Anime Database Wiki of which I am the Founder, Admin and Bureaucrat, this wiki is my first born.
  • 9 Chronicles of Everfall Wiki of which I am its founder, bureaucrat and admin. I created it because I love Shad and swords are awesome. PS: For dragons number one is the place to go for you, eventually, for there are no dragons here.
  • 10 Tolkien Studies Wiki, which was unceremoniously deleted by wiki staff, without informing me. One day it will rise again like Sparky and Fawkes from its digital ashes.
  • 11 Parallels Wiki, which just like number 10 was eradicated from the internet, even though you can still watch it on Netflix and I wasn't even the only contributor.
  • 12 Berserk Wiki of which I used to be an admin and Bureaucrat, now I am just an inactive nothing.
  • 13 Magi Wiki which I haven't even officially joined yet.
  • 14 The Good Place Wiki which I also haven't even officially joined yet.
  • 15 One Piece Wiki on which I started and ran into too many bad actors and might one day never return to.
  • 16 Claymore Wiki of which I will remain a regular user and might never return to.
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