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This unidentified female apostle, her true name unknown, was the first apostle to be introduced and the first to be killed in the Berserk series.[1]


In her human form, she was always naked. She had a firm build, with long blonde hair that covered part of her face and cold, emotionless eyes with a dead smile complimenting it.[2]

Female Apostle Eats Corkus' Head

Her apostle form while eating Corkus' head.

In her apostle form, she became green-skinned while growing to a size at least twice as large as a person of Guts' height with her arms and legs almost becoming reptilian in appearance. Her mouth stretched out widely to expose many sharp teeth and a fairly long tongue poking from the inside. Her head gained many spike-like appendages in addition to what appeared to be tentacles and even a hand or two. In addition to this, wing-like features sprouted from the back of her skull. All that remained of her human form was the upper half of her face from the jaw up, her reddened eyes, and her torso, still featuring human breasts.[1][2]


Through her only speaking role at the start of the manga, the female apostle expressed arrogance as she used her body to lure men to sleep with her so she would kill them while giving them pleasure.[1]


Golden Age Arc[]

This apostle appears among the various apostles gathered for the Eclipse to partake in the feast on the sacrifices provided for Griffith to begin his transcendence into the fifth member of the God Hand. She makes her presence known during the ritualistic killings when Corkus suffers a mental breakdown in the carnage around him as he attempts to delude himself that he is only dreaming it all up. The apostle touches herself seductively to take advantage of Corkus, in his vulnerable state, to come close enough so that she can eat him.[2] The next time the apostle is seen, she has Corkus' head in her mouth.[2]

Black Swordsman Arc[]

Manga E0-1 Female Apostle Death

Guts killing the female apostle.

Two years after her involvement in the Eclipse, she comes across Guts believing him to be her usual prey. However, the moment she assumes her true form to kill him while the two have sex, Guts shoves his prosthetic arm down her throat and kills her with the cannon, leaving a large hole in her skull.[1]



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