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When you sacrifice, you must cut yourself from Humanity...
– Ubik

Ubik is a member of the God Hand. His primary role is manipulating the emotions of those chosen by the Beherit into sacrificing their cherished ones or possessions.


He has the form of a small floating figure wearing glasses that appear to be fused into his face. He does not appear to have legs, rather he has fin-like tendrils that hang down below him. He is the smallest of the God Hand and is never seen stationary or against any surface, always floating. His face constantly bears the same grinning expression with his hands usually clasped together.


Ubik does most of the talking when the God Hand is present, providing much exposition. His role appears to be to convince the would-be Apostle to accept the God Hand's sacrificial bargain by tempting them and convincing them that they cannot move forward without losing something of value. Ubik never outright lies, but will manipulate and twist the truth to push his victims closer and closer to accepting the deal.

Subtle aspects of his conversation with the Count and Griffith imply that he is cultured at least in his language, and may be amused by the mental torment his invasions cause.

Abilities and Skills[]

Manipulator: Ubik appears to be highly manipulative. He is often seen using his silver tongue to coax the emotions of those chosen by the beherit into sacrificing their cherished ones or possessions.[1]

Consciousness evocation: Ubik is capable of materializing a person's consciousness within a given dimensional plane, opening time and space.[2][1]

Transformation: Ubik is able to shift his size to grow to impossible heights or gain a small size.[3] He is also able to conjure puppet-like forms of other beings and hide within them. He demonstrates this when he, alongside Conrad, took the shape of the fortune teller from Griffith's youth to deceive him.[1]

Causal awareness: As a member of the God Hand, Ubik is able to perceive the flow of causality, but only to an extent that barely borders omniscience. This enables him to foresee almost any possibility and influence the course of events to ensure one possibility becomes a reality. He is not omniscient, however, and cannot predict absolutely everything.[4]

Corporealization: He and the rest of the senior God Hand manifest rudimentary bodies from the corpse mounds animated by the malice that permeates the city of Albion during Griffith's Incarnation Ceremony in the corporeal realm.[5] Ubik and the rest of the God Hand manifest fully during the Great Roar of the Astral World.[6]

Levitation: He floats suspended in air, and when moving he appears to "swim" through the air.[2][3]


Golden Age Arc[]

Ubik about to give Griffith a vision.

Ubik, alongside the other God Hand, first make themselves known to Griffith while he is imprisoned in the Tower of Rebirth. Once the guest of honor and his sacrifices appear in the Interstice for the Eclipse, the other God Hand reveal themselves. Ubik proceeds to influence Griffith's decision by subjecting him to a vision based on his past. There, in the form of an old woman, Ubik reminds Griffith of the type of person he is to sacrifice anyone to fulfill his dream so Griffith can accept the God Hand's offer to join them.

Black Swordsman Arc[]

The God Hand summoned.

Two years after last seeing Guts, Ubik and the rest of the God Hand appear before him after he fatally wounds the Count and the Apostle summons them to be given new life. Against the wishes of the Count, who hid the truth of his wife's death from their daughter, Ubik presents a vision to Theresia, forcing her to witness how her father murdered her mother to become an Apostle.

Conviction Arc[]

The God Hand appearing in Albion.

During the Incarnation Ceremony at Albion, Ubik and the rest of the senior God Hand members make themselves known to Guts when they manifest rudimentary bodies from the restless spirits running amok in the city. As he cannot truly harm the God Hand, and noting Griffith to not be among them, Guts decides to focus back on saving Casca from the mob who are intent on burning her at the stake. While the Incarnation Ceremony goes as planned with Griffith fully reconstituted, the process separates the senior God Hand members across different layers of the Astral World until the Great Roar of the Astral World.


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  • His name is taken from Philip K. Dick's Ubik.
  • Along with Void, before the Great Roar of the Astral World, Ubik is the only God Hand not to appear outside of any Apostle-related ceremony.
  • Ubik is the only character who has been voiced by the same Japanese seiyuu in all animated adaptations of the series (but another voice actor plays him in the video game Berserk Musou).
  • Ubik can be seen in the Great Roar of the Astral World inside of the "tree-man", a nod to Hieronymus Bosch's The Garden of Earthy Delights.


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