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Knights of the Tudor Regular Army .

The Tudor Empire is an empire possessing one of the strongest militaries on the continent. At some point, Tudor seizes Doldrey from Midland and uses the fortress as a foothold in invading and conquering the nation, thus initiating the Hundred-Year War. However, internal conflict eventually breaks out over the next succession to the throne, leaving Tudor unable to spare their full military potential in defense of Doldrey.[1] Using this opportunity to strike, the Band of the Falcon recaptures Doldrey for Midland,[2] and Tudor is forced to seek peace with its rival kingdom through the signing of an armistice.[3]

Years later, Tudor amasses its forces as a member of the Holy See Alliance in defense of Vritannis during the Kushan invasion of the continent.[4]


Tudor's military forces are easily recognizable by their heavy arms and armor – its professional soldiers, especially knights, along with their horses, wear heavy armor and use heavy weapons. Furthermore, each order of knights has its own recognizable style of armor, with the armor of the Black Ram Iron Lance Knights being adorned with ram horns, the Blue Whale Knights decorated with fish scales, and the mounts of the Purple Rhino Knights bearing horns on their chanfrons.

The empire's forces include:


  • "Tudor" is translated as "Chuder" by Dark Horse Comics.
  • Tudor shares its name with the English royal house of the same name that existed from 1485 until 1603.