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The Tower of Rebirth is a building that was located in Wyndham. According to Judeau, it is the tallest and oldest tower in the city, standing since the days of Midland's foundation or even before that era.[1] However the hole underneath it was there long before. According to Charlotte, the depth of said hole is greater than any mountain in all of Midland. Though investigative teams descended the hole many times, no one returned safely. The Tower itself was built in order to seal the unclean past of emperor Gaiseric's imperial capital. Its deep underground part was built after the time of the inquisition and used as a prison in times of war and housed heretics caught during the inquisition.[2] It is revealed that the underground part is still used as a prison.[1]


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Griffith is thrown into this tower and tortured on the King's orders for having sex with Princess Charlotte.[3][1] It is during his rescue by Guts, Casca and the Band of the Falcon that everyone learns the tale of Emperor Gaiseric and how his capital city rests "in a place untouched by either wind or sunlight" at the bottom of the hole. Another mysterious element is revealed that at the bottom of said hole, corpses are seen among ruins with a strange mark on their forehead.[2]

After Emperor Ganishka's conquest of Wyndham, he has Charlotte locked up in the top floor of the tower. Interestingly, it is directly opposite Griffith's position in the tower at the bottommost level.[4]


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