• Hi Eckilsax, I'm a new user that would really like to improve this wiki. Considering I'm not an experienced editor, I always take as example the work of the most active users, like you or FieryFurnace in this case. I was planning to edit Episodes' pages, expecially introduction and character appereances, and I chanced upon your Chapter Page Layout. 

    First: considering Berserk uses "Episodes" instead of "Chapters", is it okay with you to modify the title from "Chapters" to "Manga Episodes" and for this page from "Episodes" to "Anime Episodes"? Obviously I'll also change the term every time it appears in those entries.

    Second: why do you think we should use long-hand notation? Isn't it simpler and shorter to write numbers?

    Third: about character appearances, isn't it a little limiting to only use "first appearance", "death" and "mention"? What if that character is no more shown? "Last appearance"? What if we're talking about a group of characters, and not all of them die? Like in the first episode, the leader of the Snake Baron's Bandits survives. What if a character appears in a flashback? And after the flashback, he's also shown in the episode's actual timeline?

    Fourth: why a scroll box? Yes it can help when there are many, many characters, but I think it's quite unaesthetic and useless in most of the cases.

    Fifth: we know the first 16 episodes have no numbers. Why don't we add that info to every episode introduction starting from this? Like "this is the (x)th numbered chapter and the (x+16) overall of the Berserk series etc.".

    And those were my doubts. I'd really like to help rearranging, tell me your thoughts. We should also discuss this with the other members, but I decided to ask you first since you created those "standard layouts".

    P.S. Excuse me for any grammar mistake

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