• Hi, I'm a new user in the Berserk Wiki.

    I recently edited last chapters' pages to the standard utilized for all the 300+ episodes. That standard uses the word "chapter" instead of "episode", as you can see in nearly every single page. Yes, surely I know that Berserk has a particular terminology, (Arcs, Chapters, Episodes) but conventionally, in the manga community, "chapters" are the single releases. As I said before, the wikia uses the term "chapter" in every previous release, even if it's pointed out by the title that the correct term is "episode", so I thought my edit would have been ok.


    I've just seen you started to change that in every page, if you think that's the best solution I can give you a hand.

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    • Hi! Welcome to the wiki Lai! Thank you for your edits to the manga pages!

      The wikia currently uses the term "chapter" in the introductory paragraphs because that is how they were originally set up years ago; the original titles were also "Chapter 1", "Chapter 2" etc.

      At some point, the titles for each manga installment were changed from "Chapter" to "Episode (Manga)", but by that time, the infoboxes and navigation boxes were already formatted to refer to them as "chapters". Since then, the navigation boxes have been changed, but the infoboxes for each installment have remained the same. 

      "Episode" is the correct term, as you said, and I had been planning to go through the manga pages and change the introductions for a while now. My reasoning is as such: it is pointless to have a disclaimer at the top of the chapters and volumes page saying that, according to Miura, individual installments are called episodes and sub-arcs are called chapters, if the wikia is just going to call individual installments chapters regardless.

      While it is true that chapters are what individual installments of manga are conventionally called, that is not what Miura calls them. The correct term is episode, so that is what we use. Otherwise, we get into a situation where we call installments chapters, and sub-arcs chapters. Then we tell users that technically the chapters are called episodes... (I honestly wouldn't be so picky about "chapter" if the mini arcs weren't called chapters. It just makes things confusing. Being correct about terminology is also important, though.)

      Basically, chapter is the standard utilized on the episode pages because i'm a lazy sod who hasn't got around to changing it. It's a holdover from when "episode" wasn't on the wikia in regards to the manga at all. Sorta the same deal as the Beast of Darkness being referred to as the "Hellhound" on every page on the wikia until somebody went around and fixed it. At the time, "Hellhound" was what most casual Berserk readers called the thing, but that term wasn't correct, so it was removed. Even if it took a while, because there were a lot of articles with "Hellhound" on them.

      I hope you understand my reasoning?

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    • Seen your edit; that would be very helpful! You don't have to assist if you disagree with my logic, though! 

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    • Oh no, your logic is quite flawless to me. I'm gonna help you for sure.

      But given that I'm a newbie with wikis in general, is it really impossible to change the entries in an infobox after its creation? 

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    • Thank you!

      I'm a noob when it comes to infoboxes... I'd imagine that it IS possible to change, but (as far as I know) it would involve changing the template for the infobox. Or, making a different, similar template (effectively the same except "chapter" is replaced with "episode (manga)" as one of the categories, and the "episodes" category is replaced with "episodes (anime)"). I've no idea how hard it would be to accomplish this. Anyway, then I'd have to go to each page and manually update the infoboxes. 

      It probably sounds a bit complicated for somebody new to wikias! But, effectively, that would make it the same as changing "chapter" to "episode" every article if somebody with the know-how changed the template or made a new one. Tedious, but I could do it.

      OPN made the infoboxes - what to you think of this discussion OPN? This is the infobox we're talking about - changing the "chapter" bit.

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    • You really don't know how easy it to change infobox, the entire reason we have templates is because they allow us to quickly change things across multiple pages. They not just for style. However in this case yes, the extension to call it that saying chapter should be changed into chapter after the infobox has been edited. But that is why they invented the bots, but bots are still to complicated for me to work with, to me they make templates look easy.

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    • So I changed the chapter part into Episode (manga), but all you have to type is episode instead of chapter. The template name is unchanged however and is still called chapter, but since this doesn't show up since the template is coded to replace the name of the template with the pagename it is posted on.

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    • At this point we could also change the "Episodes" section, that refers to anime episodes, into "Episode (anime)". Or maybe plural, I don't know.

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    • Also, this is an unrelated topic, but please read here.

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    • I don't know anything about making templates for anything except referencing, hah. I opened the chapter template and was overwhelmed a little bit.

      Thanks for the help OPN! Now that I've seen how you've edited the template, i've gone ahead and changed the "Episodes" category to "Episodes (Anime)". Or would it be better to use "Episode(s) (Anime)", since only some of the manga installments are spread over two episodes? Not that it matters much.

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    • So, Lai, if we're going through the pages and changing chapter to episode in the intro and infobox for every article, please could you start from 349 and work backwards, while I start from A0 and work forwards?

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    • I'll go ahead and fix those volume links! Thanks for calling it to my attention Lai!

      Edit: it's been fixed! Currently fixing view discuss and edit buttons for each template. 

      Edit 2: BOOM! Fixed!

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    • Oh well, it matters for an OCPD [1] like me lel.

      Ok, now seriously, I've also left a message on Eckilsax's wall about the layout we should use. After we all come up with a good plan, we'll start changing Everything!!!

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    • Fieryfurnace999 wrote: So, Lai, if we're going through the pages and changing chapter to episode in the intro and infobox for every article, please could you start from 349 and work backwards, while I start from A0 and work forwards?

      You can count on me

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    • We really did it

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    • Well done Lai! Thank you so much for the help!

      I noticed a few gaps in the information for the anime episodes which are covered, so i'm going back to fix those now.

      Now the big problem is the categories at the bottom of the pages that refer to the installments as chapters. The articles will need to be moved manually from "Chapters" to "Episodes (Manga)" etc. Once we've sorted all the categories at the bottom out, things'll be, for the most part, consistent.

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    • Not doing that today though lol. We've done enough for now.

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