• All I ever wanted from you is to conversate what you want to do and to not make piecemeal changes without a community discussion about them. Or after only running it by Betsy. Yes our first contact was horrible and that was primarily my fault, yes I don't like the fact that you seem to want to change and fix everything that isn't broken and yes most of those things you want to change have been made by me. But that I disagree with you on so many things doesn't mean I have it out for you even though your right and my attitude could use improving, I have nothing against you as an editor, for your edits for the whole have been stellar. I have something against you for not communicating enough. Also you should know I believing in the community and community decisions, not admins running everything they way they want, but a community run by the community, this means discussions about nearly every change and a vote about nearly every change and if this wiki was solitarily mine (an extremely frigtening thing to you I know) I would insist that Adminship appointments were done through the entire community, as mine adminship was given on the Hunter X Hunter wiki. So please communicate everything and don't confuse utter disagreement and annoyance with hatred, pettyness and disgust.  

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