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    You cannot make unilateral decisions. You claim to want to work together and then you change the entire layout of the wiki without consulting any other admin then Betsy. Who gave you permission to try out things, not to force all the changes you want trough without any opposition or complaint. The badges look retarded there are now two rows of badges with a bunch of blank space beside it because you changed the layout and made it worse. How the hell does your navigation which omits half of the information that was in the other one and doesn't allow you to easily go back to the previous chapter improve the wikia. Also what is your problem with the current template. Before you change anything you should first state why you want to change it and how. And just like the badges there should be a public discussion about it first. Playing around with supposed changes is fine, ham fisting the things you want to change through is not. PS: Your new arc navigation also doesn't allow to go you to the preceding or following chapter upon the arc or the next or previous arc how is this making things better?

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    • Can you show me a screenshot of the problem with the badges? I don't see any problems with the design on my end.

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    • Badges

      badges on berserk wiki

      How they appear to me on pc here compared on how they normally appear on pc on other wiki's


      badges on hunter x hunter wiki

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    • I'll see what I can do. In the meantime, since you're an admin on the Hunter x Hunter wiki, you could just copy/paste the CSS affecting badge layout from there to here if you want it done faster?

      UPDATE: Fixed it for you, however the template stuff stays. It's much cleaner, easier to navigate, includes volumes, video games based off the arcs and the story arcs within the main arcs themselves. I don't really think the arrow buttons to move from one arc to the next was that important tbh. It was a handy feature, sure, but the new templates don't support it. And lastly, the main reason I check with Betsy is because Betsy doesn't act like you do now every time something new pops up. So far, the other admins besides you like the changes. It's important to adapt to change as it comes, you should be happy that the wiki is flourishing again and includes a bunch of new stuff!

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    • No we as a community will have a proper discussion about it tommorrow and vote on which one the community wants the mostt. My templates (which can be improved to include the volumes, subarcs and video games etc.) or yours. Can you agree with that? 

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    • A poll in the Forum has been set up to decide which one people want more, which everyone is welcome to vote in and discuss.

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