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Studio Gaga (スタジオ我画) is a Japanese manga production studio founded by Kentarou Miura. A primary motivation for Miura creating the studio was so that his assistants could be included in his works under an official collective name.[1]

The assistants of Studio Gaga aided Miura in the production of Berserk for some years before Duranki, though Miura was still the primary author and illustrator of the manga. With Duranki, Miura served as a producer, responsible for storyboarding and maintaining artistic cohesion, somewhat similar to an anime art director. He hoped for the assistants to gain extensive experience illustrating in a cohesive, high-quality style, with intentions of eventually relying on them more in general, particularly in the case of illustrating Berserk – the often primary reason for the manga's lengthy serialization times – thus increasing the rate and consistency at which the manga is published from that point onward.[1]

Following Miura's death in 2021, Studio Gaga became the artists for Berserk from episode 365 onward following the manga's nine month hiatus.



  • Yoshimitsu Kurosaki (黒崎 能光) – volumes 26 and 27; volume 29 and onward
  • Akio Miyaji (宮地 秋夫) – volume 28 and onward
  • Nobuhiro Hirai (平井 信周) – volume 28 and onward
  • Naohide Nagashima (長島 有秀) – volume 29 and onward
  • Shigeru Kinoshita (木下 滋)
  • Hideki Sugimoto (杉本 英輝)


  • Yasushi Hirasawa – volume 7
  • Satoru Ohtuka – volumes 7 through 17
  • Takashi Uchida – volumes 7 through 28
  • Yoshinari Sawada – volumes 8 through 17
  • Mitsuhisa Kuji (久慈 光久) – volumes 18 through 26
  • Minoru Hirata – volumes 18 through 30; volumes 35 and 36
  • Chigusa Amagasaki – volumes 30 through 34


"Gaga" (我画) means "my picture; drawing; painting; sketch​" in Japanese.