Sea God's Island
Solitary Island
Also known as

Isma's Island
Sea God's Island


Solitary Island

The Sea God's Island, also known as Isma's Island or the Solitary Island (name of the chapter where it shows for the first time), is the small island where Guts' traveling party and Roderick's crew stopped to repair the Seahorse after the sea battle against Bonebeard.

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This tiny solitary island has a sea port, a rustic village and a cave where the Sea God was imprisoned.

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Long ago, the Sea God was sealed in a cave under the island after the confrontation with the merrows in the past. Rendered powerless, the Sea God's influence was too weak to make a big difference in the residents' life save for occasional feedings once a month on the night of a full moon. This results with the islanders, separated from the rest of the world to revere the Sea God in hopes it would not claim their fishermen while demonizing all merrow and their half-breed sire like Isma. When the Great Roar of the Astral World occurred, the Sea God recovered most of its powers and proceeded to consume the island's inhabitants to serve it as its tentacle extensions. Only Isma was protected from the Sea God's attack thanks to an amulet given to her by her mother. When the crew of the Seahorse reached the island for supplies, it started a chain of events that resulted in the island's destruction when the Sea God eventually broke free from its confines.

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