Guts and party arrive at Skellig.

Skellig is the Island where Elfhelm is located.

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Guts and company traveled there in hopes of curing Casca of her dementia, which the Skull Knight said that the Flower Storm Monarch is capable of doing so. Flora, Schierke's teacher, has also said that wizards live on the island to escape persecution for their art. The island is purported to be a place of high spiritual activity. As Isma's mother explained to Guts and his company, due to the unnatural flow of time, a day on the island can be the same as decades outside its shores (the exact amount of time is unknown). When Guts and his company reach ashore, they find themselves facing obstacles while being observed by a witch coven who use golems to attack them before Gedfring orders them to cease the attack on their guests.

Guts' party is welcomed by Gedfring and the island natives, after chastising Morda for her behavior, and they are lead through the woods to a witch coven and a chapel where the island's archmages await. There, the party's adventures up til now, Guts' identity, and Griffith's machinations are discussed, before they continue their journey to meet the Flower Storm Monarch. Venturing into the woods and to a massive spirit tree blooming with cherry blossoms, they are finally allowed to meet the King of the Elves, who has actually been with them since they left the chapel: Danan.

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  • Named after an island off the coast of Ireland, Skellig holds many similarities to mythical islands: Avalon from the Arthurian Legends in England as it houses wizards and could only be found by those who have seen the island before, and Ryugujou from the story of Urashima Taro in the retrospect of differing time flow.
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