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The two Silver Surcoats (銀の鎖帷子 Gin no kusari-katabira?) are part of the magical items bestowed by Flora and Schierke to Guts and his team to help Schierke in her fight against the trolls raiding Enoch Village, along with Farnese's Silver Dagger, Serpico's Sylph Sword and Sylph Cloak, Isidro's Salamander Dagger and the refused Axe of the Gnomes. Casca and Farnese wear one each.


The Silver Surcoats are very simple, finely woven garments bearing resemblance to chain mail, but lighter and crafted into one piece.


The Silver Surcoats have no magical might on their own, but nevertheless, they are for the weak and those unable to use or understand magic. Farnese and Casca always wear them under their garments, along with Farnese having an additional silver item - the dagger - to defend herself and Casca from any demonic creatures who may attack them.

The biggest weakness of the surcoats is that while it protects from the touch of evil creatures, it does not prevent those same creatures from attacking with weapons or other objects.


Before returning to Vandimion household, Farnese sends her coat and dagger back to Schierke as a sign of her intention to stay home and convince her rich father to give Guts a ship with which to search for Skellig island. However, they are returned to her when she decides to continue her journey with the Black Swordsman.


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