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The Silver Dagger (銀のナイフ Gin no naifu?) is a dagger with a crescent moon design on the hilt, bestowed by Flora and Schierke to Farnese to help Guts, Schierke, and the others in their fight against the trolls raiding Enoch Village, along with her and Casca's Silver Surcoats, Serpico's Sylph Sword and Sylph Cloak, Isidro's Salamander Dagger and the refused Axe of the Gnomes.


The dagger is short, perhaps a foot or less in total length, and ornate. The rain-guard and crossguard are intricate and curled in a W-style. The grip has a similar double-helix design leading down to a pommel, which is crafted to resemble a crescent moon.


The Silver Dagger has no magical might on its own, however, as it is made of magically-enhanced silver it has the inherent ability to repel and fight effectively against demonic beings. Flora gives it to Farnese as the young woman is still unskilled in combat, but still needs something to help defend herself and the helpless Casca.


Before returning to Vandimion household, Farnese sends her coat and dagger back to Schierke as a sign of her intention to stay home and convince her rich father to give Guts a ship with which to search for Skellig island. However, they are returned to her when she decides to continue her journey with the Black Swordsman.


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