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Shisu was Guts' adoptive mother. She was a minor member of a mercenary band.[1]


Shisu had choppy hair.[1]


She was said to have gone insane after having a miscarriage. Despite that, she showed kindness in her willingness to raise Guts.[1]


Golden Age Arc[]

Shisu first encountered the recently born Guts who was underneath a withered tree of hanged bodies, covered in blood and mire. Having acted in odd ways after having suffered a miscarriage three days prior, she took him in as her own son. Although Gambino allowed her to do as she wished when the duo noticed that the baby was still alive, he and his mercenary comrades regarded Guts as a bad omen.[1]

When Guts turned three, Shisu was dying from the plague. Her final moments were holding onto Guts' right hand and calling out his name before she died.[1] Despite his crude remarks toward her,[1] Gambino had deep affection for Shisu; her death fueled his anger toward Guts, who he blamed for the death of Shisu. In his rest after having lost a leg, Gambino feverishly called the deceased woman as if he was trying to reach out for her the way he couldn't when she died.[2]



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