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Saritus was a member of Mule's army, which fought against the Kushan in Lumias.




Millennium Falcon Arc[]

When Saritus asks a panicked Mule Wolflame if he's planning to attack the Kushan Army, Mule tells him to be quiet and questions his bravery. Mule then asks his men if they are just going to sit there and watch the Kushans take everything, noting that this would be a total dishonor to the Midland nobility.

When Saritus doubts the pertinence of risking their lives to protect royals whose castle they aren't even allowed into, Mule mentions his relatives who died protecting it. Saritus then speaks of a base camp near Midland with a highly respected force, their leader being none other than the White Falcon, Griffith. Looking on with shock, Mule says he heard that Griffith was tortured to death three years ago. Then, Saritus mentions a rumor of his rescue, adding that they know where he is. He implies that instead of risking their lives, it would be a better idea for their armies to unite and to ask Griffith to take them into consideration.

When the Kushan Army surrounds their captives, Mule stands up, telling his men that they are going to save them. He then charges onto the battlefield, ordering everyone to follow him.[1]


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