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Samson Coborlwitz was the younger brother of Adon Coborlwitz, and the second in command on the Blue Whale Knights.[1]


He was a giant of a man, standing taller than his brother, Adon Coborlwitz, and towering over Guts. His armor (which obscured his face) was said to be three times thicker than average.[1]


Due to the brief appearance, not much could be said about Samson, except that he was a fierce warrior, devoted to his elder brother.[1]


He had exceptional physical strength and endurance, wielding a heavy flail on a chain with ease.[1]


Golden Age Arc[]

Called by his brother, Samson appeared during Guts' battle with the one hundred Tudor mercenaries under command of Adon. He charged at Guts and made several fierce blows, deflected by Guts' sword. The last attack wrecked the weapon of Samson, and then he was slain by Guts' powerful counter attack, chopped in half, despite his extra-thick armor and shield.[1]


  • Samson never appeared in the depiction of Guts' battle against the one hundred Tudor mercenaries, which was featured in the second Berserk: The Golden Age Arc film.


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