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The Salamander Dagger (サラマンデルの短剣 Saramanderu no tanken?), along with Casca's and Farnese's Silver Surcoats and Silver Dagger, Serpico's Sylph Sword and Sylph Cloak and the refused Axe of the Gnomes, is one of the magical items bestowed by Flora and Schierke to Guts and his team to help Schierke in her fight against the trolls raiding Enoch Village. It is wielded by Isidro.


The Salamander Dagger is a short but very wide blade, similar to a cinquedea, consisting only a single sheet of ore and no fuller. The blade does not have a standard crossguard, instead being wrapped in a thick rain-guard with a small triangle design inlaid onto it. Small salamanders can be seen crawling along its surface.


Forged in molten lava and possessed by fire spirits, it unleashes a burning power, hot enough to melt steel and strong enough to combust a human-sized enemy whenever it strikes a successful blow. Isidro uses the fire powers of the dagger to ignite the small bombs given to him by Guts. It can burn through items, much like a lighter or blowtorch.


As Flora's magical weapons were not intended to be used by children, Schierke had not a suitable sword for Isidro, and instead offered him the Salamander Dagger. At first frowned upon by Isidro, it was quickly accepted upon discovering its magical powers.

At first meant as Isidro's primary weapon, its inherent flaws force Isidro to make use of it as a "left hand weapon", to use in combination with his other arsenal. As the Salamander Dagger is too short to deal a blow to a taller opponent armed with a regular sword, Isidro teaches himself to fight with his pirate cutlass, using both weapons in conjunction with one another.


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  • In alchemy, the upward-pointing triangle symbol represents fire, which may the be reason why it is featured on the dagger (similarly to how the water and earth symbols are engraved on the golems).