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The rocket launcher is a powerful ranged weapon. It was used by Rickert as one of the many backup tools needed to deal with Rakshas' body.[1]


The rocket launcher consists of a wooden tube with a cloth rapped and enclosed on one end. The weapon was shoulder-mounted and its firing mechanism was situated on the top. It is capable of mounting one rocket before needing to reload.[1]


The rocket was a time-fused arrow-shaped warhead capable of great range and accuracy. After being fired from the rocket launcher, it was powerful enough to force Rakshas to stop his pursuit. The fireball detonated by the rocket was enough to light up the night sky of Falconia.[1]


After having been handed it to him by Erica (who took it from the cart in which both reached Falconia) Rickert used the rocket launcher as Rakshas pursued his group in flight as they attempted to escape Falconia. The rocket was powerful enough to stop the assassin from his pursuit.[1]




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