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The Repeater Crossbow (連射式ボウガン Rensha-shiki bōgan?) is a deadly weapon created by Godot and adjusted by Rickert for Guts.


The repeater crossbow is a hand-cranked crossbow with an open-topped box-feed which is filled with crossbow bolts. As a person cranks the mechanism, the gears puts the bolt and the bow in place before firing.


Easy to mount on Guts' mechanical arm, it shoots a volley of arrows from a large magazine mounted vertically on top of the crossbow by simply turning a crank. The weapon reveals its usefulness when Guts has to face a large number of enemies, especially human soldiers or hordes of monsters.

Rickert perfected the crossbow during the short stay of Guts at Godot's mountain hut shortly before he left for Albion's temple, decreasing its bulk and adding a new magazine with a collapsible bellows.

Guts uses the repeater crossbow extensively until he acquires the Berserker Armor.

Rickert's turrets[]

Rickert later used a modified repeater crossbow on a turret to fend off trolls [1] and harpies as he was heading to Falconia by cart, with Erica recharging the weapon.[2] He used this device against Rakshas as he prepared to escape from Falconia alongside Erica, Daiba and the Tapasa.[3]


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