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Rakshas (ラクシャス Rakushyasu) was a mysterious figure exiled from the Kushan clan of the Bākiraka, and presently the commander of the demon search and destroy squad of Griffith's Neo Band of the Hawk. His powers appear to be amorphous shape shifting, enhanced agility, and exceptional stealth. He possesses notable knowledge of both sides of the war between the Kushans and the Kingdom of Midland, as well as several mysteries in the storyline, though this could be due to his mobility and stealth.


Its body is completely black and it wears a mask which has three eyes and spikes.


Rakshas' stated motivation for allying with Griffith is so he can ensure that one day he will be the one to cut off his "beautiful head", but appears to be intimidated by Griffith. He has an arrogant and demeaning personality, belittling the Tapasa for their slow reactions to his movement and marking such evidence as indication of the Bākiraka's fall. Rakshas' pride appears to be mostly centered on stealth, as he is never shown in battle and seems to avoid battle as much as possible.


Neo Band of the Hawk Arc


Rakshas' first appearance.

Rakshas encountered Silat and the Tapasa on various occasions, most notably during his introduction to Griffith. As he takes on the Tapasa, he merely dodges blows without fighting back.

Later, he shows Silat the error of his ways in following Emperor Ganishka by revealing how his fellow Kushans create their demonic creatures, which leaves Silat disgusted and confused about his allegiance thereafter. His reasons for these actions are still unknown.

Rakshas is then seen concealed under one of Zodd's wings as Griffith flies to the top of Ganishka's Shiva form, moments before the Skull Knight emerges and attacks Griffith with his Sword of Resonance.


Rakshas is master of assassination and camouflage. It can easily hide, disappears and reappears while nobody notices him. It is probably his amorphous body. Rakshas can change its shape, liquefy its body to hiding. Also, it is very agile and strong, it moves like a wind in the mid-air. It has a sting-like extension which used for stabbing its enemies.


File:Rakshas' Mask.jpg
  • It should be noted that despite Rakshas' lack of any skills to speak of, he has shown his speed and agility in a battle with the Tapasa, as well as master assassination; easily sneaking up on and dispatching some Kushan assassins who were attempting to take Griffith's life without incurring Zodd's notice.
  • Rakshas is possibly named after the rakshasa, a race of mythological humanoids in Buddhist and Hindu lore.
  • The design of Rakshas' mask, what look to be like spiked teeth, looks suspiciously like the Skull Knight's spiked crown.
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