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The Queen of Midland is Charlotte's step mother. She disapproves of Charlotte's interest in Griffith[4] and becomes angry at the mercenary leader for plotting the death of her secret lover Julius.[3]


Queen of Midland Anime

The Queen wears grandiose dresses adorned with embroidered patterns. She usually sports jewelry and holds a fan in a hand. Usually, her face wears a cold, disapproving gaze.[4][3][6][7]


The Queen of Midland is a caustic woman who cheated on her husband with his own brother, feeling unloved by the former.[3] She values the purity of her social standing and conspires to kill Griffith after he rises to nobility despite his origins as a "man of humble birth".[4][3] However, her primary motive for carrying out his assassination is the death of her lover Julius,[3] who is killed by Guts at Griffith's behest.[5] The Queen loved him, becoming furious at his death.[3] Even as she is cornered by fire, she exclaims she will not allow to be killed by a "mere commoner".[2]


The Queen of Midland was not a native of Midland, and was married to the king as a political marriage for over ten years. She saw her husband as a good king, but not as a good husband, giving no time to his family. She assumed it was a way for him to escape the sorrow over the death of the former Queen. As a lone woman in a foreign land, she was burdened by Wyndham, eventually becoming Julius' mistress. Despite sharing an emotionless, lust-led relationship, she fell in love with him.[3]

Golden Age Arc[]

As the time for a campaign which could end the Hundred-Year War nears, Princess Charlotte gifts Griffith with a lodestone necklace. After Griffith leaves, Charlotte is intercepted by her stepmother, the Queen of Midland, who chastises her for offering gifts to a commoner like Griffith. Unable to reason with the Queen, Charlotte escapes dejected.[4]

After the Band of the Falcon's victory at Doldrey, the Queen meets a cabal of nobles in a conspiration to kill Griffith, who is about to become a general and guarantees that she will personally see to it that Griffith is killed should their plan fail, all "for the sake of the kingdom". As the Band of the Falcon parades across Wyndham to celebrate their victory, the Queen asks about the plan. According to Foss' colleagues, everything is set up for Griffith's demise via poisoning, and the Queen delights in the idea of the banquet turning into one held in memoriam of the mercenary. Meanwhile, a guard enters the room and presents Foss with a letter, which Foss reads privately. The contents seem to severely frighten him, and the Queen asks him if everything is all right. Composing himself, Foss responds that he is fine, but he turns to leave.[3]

Later on, the Queen is one of the attendants of the banquet thrown in the Band of the Falcon's honor.[6] She observes the jubilation after the news concerning the Band of the Falcon, and smiles as Charlotte is in shock after witnessing the apparent death of Griffith.[7] Having left banquet hall, the Queen of Midland and the accomplices celebrate the successful assassination in a tall, narrow tower in Wyndham. Despite the plan having gone without a hitch, Foss seems quite agitated, which the Queen notices, but her suspicions are rebuffed by Foss. The minister leaves the building, claiming that he wants to survey the fruits of their endeavor. With him gone, the Queen thanks everyone present for their support. Her thoughts about how Julius can now rest in peace are cut short when plumes of smoke rise from the floorboards. After an explosion, she rushes to the window, only to see Griffith.[7] When she asks how did it happen, Griffith explains that the "poison" was a nostrum taken in a small enough dosage to induce a temporary near-death stasis, and that the doctors were fooled into thinking that he had genuinely died. The Queen angrily exclaims that she will not stand for being killed by a simple commoner like Griffith. Calmly, Griffith replies that on the battlefield, there are no spectator seats, and that those who die in war are not ultimately acknowledged as royalty, nobility, or commoners, but rather as the defeated. He then walks away as the tower is engulfed in flames.[2]

Several days later, the Princess and the King attend the funeral, which was held in a splendid yet solemn manner. Her death and that of several conservative ministers (the co-conspirators) was rumored to be the work of Tudor Empire hard-liners or an assassin from a third country.[1]


  • In the 1997 anime, the Queen never has an affair with Count Julius. Instead, she is only seen remembering Princess Charlotte give Griffith the stone knight. Her motive now stems from her pride as a noble; she thinks that the 'nobility is now secure' with Griffith's supposed demise.
  • In the second movie, the Queen only appears in one scene and her death is omitted.
  • The night Griffith sneaked into Charlotte's room, she laments that, upon the happy event of his return, her stepmother had died on the same night without coming to terms with her.[8]
  • Minister Foss was the one who used the information about the Queen being in an affair with Julius to plant the idea that Julius' death was a plot designed by Griffith.[3] Unbeknownst to Foss, that was exactly the case.[5] Neither Foss[3] nor Griffith anticipated the Queen would get involved in the assassination plan.[2]


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