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The Holy Purple Rhino Knights (紫犀聖騎士団) was Tudor's strongest knight army.[1] It was charged with the defense of Doldrey under the command of general Boscogn.[2]


The knights carried heavy armor and used halberds in battle. In the manga, most knights, except for Boscogn, carried the same armor and a purple cloak.[3]


The Holy Purple Rhino Knights members were said to be Tudor's most powerful knights.[1] This was showed when Midland's White Tiger Knights (one of the two's by-then strongest armies of the kingdom alongside the White Dragon Knights) were unable to stand against them.[2] Their foremost unit boasts about how their charge had never been halted until then.[3]


During their first appearance, they are seen easily defeating Midland's White Tiger Knights.[1] It is revealed that they are part of the thirty thousand knights that act as the occupying force of Doldrey, a Tudor fortress that once belonged to the kingdom of Midland. [2]

They are next seen during their fight against the Band of the Falcon, who are tasked by the King of Midland to conquer Doldrey. Their first wave is dealt with by Guts' unit.[3] After arranging their formation, they're surprised by the mercenaries' seeming retreat, but have no time to react as Gennon overrules the military command structure and seizes direct control of the army over the protests of Boscogn. Gennon then orders the Purple Rhino Knights to pursue the Band of the Falcon.[4] Boscogn meets his match in Guts, who cuts his head off. Seeing that their leader is dead and that Doldrey has fallen, the remaining knights flee from the battlefield.[5]