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The four pisky elves Pick, Pook, Peck, and Poke are immediate relatives of Puck.[1]


Puck's relatives are distinguished primarily by their hair spikes, with a single increment starting with two hair spikes distinguishing Pick, Pook, Peck, and Poke in order.[1]


Similar to Puck, the quartet of elves are whimsical, lighthearted, and mischievous in nature, often prone to melodramatic displays.[1]

Poke is particularly ditzy compared to his relatives. By his own admission, he did not even recall Puck ever having left Elfhelm until Puck's eventual return.[1]


Fantasia Arc[]

The four elves are present when the Black Swordsman Party arrives in Elfhelm. They first reunite with Puck, casually greeting him despite his long absence. They then meet Guts, noting his austere aura and surmising that he is out of place in the realm of the elves. However, they express interest in him for the same reason and decide to greet him by mocking his stern expression (except for Poke, who maintains his own ditzy disposition) and momentarily flying directly in front of him as if to impede him. Once Guts and his companions arrive at the audience with the Flower Storm Monarch, Pick and Pook carry Puck, now dressed in a miniature kingly robe and crown, to the throne. This "coup d'état" is quickly dealt with, resulting in the elf and his accomplice, Magnifico, being sentenced to assist the brownies for the rest of the day.[1]

They are seen during a banquet that night as Puck and Magnifico serve their community service "sentence".[2] The following day, the elves aid Isidro as he uses the island's features to prank Elfhelm's young girl mages. They are stopped by another group of elves thanks to ivy vines summoned by Schierke, only to then be subjected to a comical arrest.[3] The morning after, the four elves are seen riding golems while playing with the newly arrived Moonlight Boy. The Flower Storm Monarch and the archmages note that the four elves and other nearby sprites cannot sense any malice in the youth and are growing quite attached to him.[4]

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After Griffith manifests in and brings ruin to Elfhelm, the four elves are immediate victims of the calamity and vanish.[5]

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