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Pseudo-apostles (使徒擬しともどき, Shito Modoki), or simply pseudos (もどき Modoki?), are humans who have been transformed by an apostle into demonic spawn. Each pseudo-apostle usually bears an appearance reflecting its creator. Like true apostles, pseudo-apostles revert to human form after death.[1]

List of Pseudo-Apostles Edit

Zondark Edit

Zondark Apostle Form

Zondark, under the Count's influence.

The Count transforms Zondark into a pseudo-apostle by forcing the general to ingest a slug-like "daemon", so that he can seek his revenge on Guts while under the demonic influence of his master.[2] Because the slug is an extension of the Count, he can see and speak through his offshoot even after the host's head is destroyed.

Rosine's Spawn Edit

Elves of Misty Valley

Rosine's pseudo-apostles.

While Rosine normally transforms children into her interpretation of elves,[1] she can also turn adult men into giant insectoid creatures to guard her domain of Misty Valley from intruders.[3]

Egg of the Perfect World's Spawn Edit

EoPW stinging disciples

The Egg of the Perfect World used its tendrils to sting and transform Mozgus and his disciples.

The apostle known as the Egg of the Perfect World can create a pseudo-apostle by using one of his tendrils to inject his power into an ideal subject. Though a weak apostle himself, the Egg creates physically powerful pseudos whose forms reflect their faith, such as the leader of a pagan cult becoming a goat-headed satyr,[4] as well as Mozgus and his disciples becoming angelic in form.[5]

Ganishka's Spawn Edit

Ganishka's spawn

Ganishka's spawn, formed from the corpses of Kushan foot soldiers.

After transcending his humanity a second time and assuming a demon god state, Ganishka crushes most of his Kushan soldiers under his feet. The crushed corpses mutate into monstrous, multi-tentacled creatures resembling the emperor's visage, but with sharp fangs and distorted mouths.[6] These spawn devour the remaining survivors of the Kushan invasion army before they are attacked by the Band of the Falcon. After the Great Roar of the Astral World, they cease to be.

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