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Prime 1 Studio Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company that specializes in producing premium figures and statues from various media franchises including movies, games, and comics.

Along with Art of War and Max Factory, Prime 1 Studio is one of the leading producers of Berserk figures/statues and notably a partner of the Great Berserk Exhibition.


Prime 1 Studio was founded in 2012 by Johnny Pham, who identified a gap in the market for large-scale, intricately designed Transformers statues. The company distinguished itself in the high-end collectibles market with its first breakthrough project – a large-scale statue of Megatron from the film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. This initial success compelled Prime 1 Studio's focus on producing high-quality, intricately detailed statues based on popular franchises across films, video games, and comic books.

The company grew by securing licenses for major properties like the Transformers and Batman: Arkham series, which became staples of its early product lines. The attention to detail and craftsmanship in their early statues earned Prime 1 Studio a reputation for excellence in the collectibles industry. Their portfolio expanded to include other notable franchises, including Berserk.

Prime 1 Studio also gained recognition for its innovative approach to collectibles, such as the introduction of its Cutie1 line in 2020, which blends their high-detail sculpting with a kawaii ("cute") aesthetic.

The company remains a prominent player in the global collectibles market, exhibiting at major industry events like Comic Con, Wonder Festival, and particularly the Great Berserk Exhibition.

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