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Pippin (ピピン Pipin?) was a member of the original Band of the Falcon. His weapon of choice was a spiked mace, but was also seen using a pickaxe. When aiding Guts in the Band of the Falcon's escape from the Black Dog Knights, Guts refered to the pair as the "power duo".


Pippin was quiet and very rarely spoke. When he did, it was often to make an important observation or to warn his companions, such as ordering his fellow mercenaries to duck against the arrows shot by Midland's soldiers or holding a cup to Guts and telling him to drink. He was depicted as caring and loyal, and was often seen accompanied by Rickert, the youngest member of the band, whom he made sure to protect in battle. He did not seem to get angry easily, retaining his peaceful expression even after being elbowed by an unappreciative Guts.


Golden Age Arc[]

Strong and loyal, Pippin is a valuable soldier to the Band of the Falcon. He gets along well with almost everyone, particularly Judeau, and will often be a calm voice when strife occurs.

Pippin is present in every battle the Band of the Falcon is seen to participate in. After one of them, forcibly drags Guts to a party to corner him into celebrating and enjoying company after seeing the other's sullenness.

Pippin is involved in the rescue mission for Griffith, and without his attention and quick action, the rescue party would have been violently killed by the female Bakiraka.

During the Eclipse, he was seen giving up his life to buy Casca and Judeau time to escape. Though Pippin fought valiantly, he was slowly overwhelmed by the many apostles acting to kill him. His corpse is later seen hollowed out, used like a puppet by the Count to catch Guts off guard, before it was ripped in half and eaten.


Physical Strength: Pippin was able to hoist Guts over his shoulder and carry him away like a child.[1] With one swing of his mace, he could shatter the armored skull of any enemy (even apostles). Pippin's raw strength was rivaled only by Guts during the Golden Age Arc. Guts even dubbed himself and Pippin the "Band of the Falcon power tag", since they cleaved most enemies apart with ease, especially on horseback. A single punch from him was seen on one occasion to knock an eyeball out of the head of a helmeted Black Dog Knights mercenary, as well as completely caving in his face.[2] During the Eclipse, he was demonstrated to be capable of facing released apostles, as seen when he stopped a particularly enormous one from eating Casca.[3]

Mining Expertise: as shown during the rescue of Griffith, Pippin had expansive knowledge of mines and gas flow thanks to his former career as a miner. When one of the Bakiraka assassins set off a gas explosion in the sewer tunnel, Pippin kept calm and smashed a hole though the sewer's roof (with some help from Griffith) so that the fire would travel out the hole and miss him and his companions.[4]


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  • The Berserk Official Guidebook states that Pippin was 19 years old, 190 cm, and 133 kg. (NOTE: The Berserk Official Guidebook is highly questionable in its veracity.)
  • Having decided to create "about five characters" for the Golden Age Arc, Pippin is modeled after Kentarou Miura himself in terms of physical appearance. He likened his role to that of Super Sentai's Yellow Ranger. (See "Interview with Yukari Fujimoto" for the source.)
  • Pippin is rarely depicted with his eyes widened. He squinted when Midland's army was about to attack the Band of the Falcon[5] and right when he noticed the scent of the female Bakiraka's flammable dust during Griffith's rescue and his attempts to break free from the fire.[4] Another time this happened was when Casca and Judeau fled during the Eclipse, roaring just before meeting his end by the apostles surrounding him.[3]


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