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Manga E305 Great Wave of the Astral World

The Physical World in the process of merging with the Astral World.

The Physical World (現世; literally "Present World"), also known as the mortal realm, world of man,[1] or Earth, is a fundamental realm of the universe, together with the Astral World and Ideal World. This is the realm in which humanity has always predominantly resided.

In ancient times, the Physical World and Astral World were largely intermingled,[2] though they would come to be almost completely independent from one another at some unknown point. Since the point of their separation, there has only been a fringe connection between the two realms in the form of the Interstice.[3] Griffith's Incarnation Ceremony[4] kickstarts the overlap of the Astral and Physical worlds.[5][6] Following the Great Wave of the Astral World, the layers overlap further, giving birth to the global Interstice of Fantasia; with astral beings roaming the Physical World as living creatures of myth.[7]


Most prominent events in the series take place on a continuous expanse of land simply referred to as "the continent". The westernmost part of this landmass is majorly under the Holy See's influence, with the religious order's dominion encompassing multiple nations. To the east is the Kushan Empire, which is completely independent from Holy See territories and an ancient adversary of the western Holy See territories.

Humans have yet to enter an Age of Discovery, leaving much of the Physical World uncharted and blocked off by the raging, open seas.[8]

Holy See Territories[]

Territories under the Holy See's dominion include the Kingdom of Midland in the middle, Tudor Empire, the Kingdom of Balden, duchies of Morgar and Wallatoria to the east, Randel Commonwealth and Paneria Alliance (Lana, Faris, Nise, and Vritannis).[9]


Ys is an isolationist principality on the "northern frontier", surrounded by ocean. It has a history of shipbuilding and seafaring, and naturally one of the strongest navies in the known world.[8]


Brajue (ブラージュ) is a northern territory. Magnifico was in charge of overseeing the Vandimion family businesses there, including banking and wholesale purchasing of several goods (pelts, lead, linen and tin).[10]


The Kushan Empire is a large empire situated on the easternmost part of the continent.


To the far west of the continent, far across the western sea from the port city of Vritannis, lies the island of Skellig. The kingdom of Elfhelm, originally situated within an interstice, can be found on this island.


Grant is a volcanic island in the north, small enough for a person to cross it on horseback in three days. Its main settlement is the Grand Duchy of Grant, a small northern nation. The capital city, Nordcapity, is situated in its centre, with the outer rim of the crater serving as a huge wall. For over fourteen years, it faced a threat from the Tudor Empire -which managed to keep a settlement in the south- until Grunbeld, now an apostle, burnt down every Tudor base.[11]


Since ancient times, humanity has been in conflict with itself, divided by religion, languages, ethnic differences, social classes, and, ultimately, their fear of the unknown.[12] Only two known figures have been able to bring about wide-ranging unity between differing peoples: Gaiseric, the conqueror of yore who brings about the first empire in human history;[13] and Griffith, who gives rise to the utopian megacity of Falconia, sheltering people of various walks of life in wake of the Great Wave of the Astral World.[14]

Connection to Other Realms[]

The collective human desire for transcendental reasons behind certain facets of their existence somehow births an eldritch entity named the "Idea of Evil" – one that, since its conception, has acted as the weaver of humanity's fate (and thus the orchestrator of momentous events in the Physical World) through the principle of causality.[15]

Even before the Great Wave of the Astral World, some humans are still capable of perceiving astral beings, depending on their mindset; those who cling to the "rigid world" (i.e., those consumed by a single inflexible worldview, such as firm believers of Holy See doctrine) are generally unable to perceive such beings,[16] while individuals with open minds are capable of such.[3]


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