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Ogres (オーグル Ōguru?) are residents of the Qliphoth.


Ogres are large fleshy creatures with bulbous bodies, skin and fat hanging off in folds, misshapen, penile heads outfitted with tusks, and dark-brown fur covering them from the waist down. Their eyes are placed on the front of their heads on either side of the upper slit of their tripartite jaws. Their noses are piglike snouts located at the peaks of their heads, and their ears are small and pointed, and rest on the sides of their heads. Ogres have three fingers on each hand.


Like many inhabitants of the Qliphoth, the ogres are born from the darkest thoughts of humanity's collective subconscious.


Ogres are able to heal their wounds very easily, as seen one which reattached its arm after Guts chopped it off.[1]


Millenium Falcon Arc[]

When an ogre stumbles into Enoch Village in response to the massive astral disturbance in the area, it uses anything it can to pulverize his enemies before Guts kills it.

Ogres also appear in the qliphoth when Slan summons a large number of them to distract the Skull Knight as she confronts Guts.

Fantasia Arc[]

Another ogre is seen at the Pandemonium arena fighting the apostle Borkoff in gladiatorial combat. While the the ogre at first seemed to have the advantage, the apostle eventually killed the ogre and devoured it.

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk[]

Ogres appear as bosses in the 2016 game Berserk and the Band of the Hawk.

The creature's in-story appearances are in the chapters "Enoch Village" and "Darkness (Qliphoth)". The ogre is first fought by Guts alone while Serpico deals with the kelpie, and then alongside the ogre by the two together. Three ogres also appear during the boss fight with Slan, serving to distract and harass the player. Overall, ogres are slow and all of their attacks are highly telegraphed and easily avoided, and dealing damage to them is only a matter of their high health, since they have no guard. Once hit by one of their attacks, however, players may find themselves knocked back a long distance or stunlocked by repeated hits. On a large map, as in the case of the Endless Eclipse, Ogres will throw timber at opponents, raining down large chunks of wood from above.

Ogres also appear as bosses in the Endless Eclipse. One is challenged alongside a kelpie on Layer 85, and one will always be found on Layer 89.


  • In mythology, ogres tend to be inhumanly large, tall monsters with disproportionately large heads, abundant hair and a strong body which matches their appearance in Berserk.


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