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Niko (ニコ Nico?) is a young commoner boy.


Niko has scruffy light hair falling to the sides of his face that partially covers his forehead. His robes are a little tatty and he wears a large bell cap which seems a little too big for him. He also carries a Beherit which is later revealed to be destined for Balzac.


Niko was a kind boy, good at heart and simple-minded. Despite the misfortunes in his life, he would always smile, thankful for the gift of life. It is mentioned that he would never consider hurting another person even when the other villagers hated him.


Niko was a commoner who lived in a village where he depended on eating the villagers' crops to survive. In response, the villagers teased the boy, beating him with sticks and even throwing rocks at him. Niko sought refuge on the steps of Eriza's church. However, when winter days came and crops failed, he was on the brink of death. The other villagers refused to help him. With his last breath, Niko managed to get to the church but Eriza didn't notice him as New Year's bells were playing too loud. Niko collapsed in front of the church with his dog beside him. The boy was holding a beherit in his left hand.

When Guts rushes toward Eriza's church, he finds out that Niko is now the Heart of the Great Tree and has to deal with both Eriza and Niko. After the fight, and seeing how Gyove and his armies were attacking the village, a still living Eriza throws herself into the flames while carrying the remains of Niko's torso – the only remaining human part of him.


  • He resembles Nico from the Berserk manga, though it is unclear if they are intended to be the same character.