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|name= Mule Wolflame
|name= Mule Wolflame
|image= [[File:Mule Wolflame Manga.jpg|260px]]
|image= <tabber>
Manga= [[Image:Mule Wolflame Manga.jpg|{{ImageSize}}]]<!--- This is a trading card game image. Preferably should be directly from the manga. Please replace with png. --->|-|
Anime=[[Image:Mule Anime.png|{{ImageSize}}]]
|kanji= ミュール
|kanji= ミュール
|rōmaji= ''Myũru''
|rōmaji= ''Myũru''

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Mule Wolflame Manga

Mule Anime

Mule Wolflame





Episode 191
Wilderness Reunion




17 (as of Fantasia) [1]


150 cm (4'11") [1]


48 kg (106 lbs) [1]

Hair color


Eye color







Neo Band of the Hawk


Knight; Midland Noble; Sonia's bodyguard

I knew it by instinct. That what I had set before myself wasn't merely another war to be recorded in history. Perhaps it belonged... to the domain of legend.
– Mule
Mule Wolflame (ミュール Myũru?) is a young noble of Midland and member of the Neo Band of the Hawk.


Mule is a young man of average height with blonde shaggy hair and blue eyes. He is constantly seen wearing his grey battle armor, which covers his entire body.


As a member of the Neo Band of the Hawk, Mule's main concern is the protection of the prophet Sonia, a young girl who is greatly enamored of Griffith.


Mule is a quite strong close-combat fighter, as Isidro noticed during his interactions with the former in Vritannis; moreover, he is prepared, not only to serve Griffith in a loyal fashion, but also to kill if necessary[2].


Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc

Mule is introduced panicking about the Kushan Army attacking his subjects. When one of his men, Saritus, asks him if he's seriously going to fight back, Mule tells him to be quiet, asking if he's showing his cowardice now. Mule tells his army that they can't just sit and watch the Kushans take everything, noting it would be a total dishonor to the Midland nobility. Saritus asks him for a reason as to why his troops should risk their lives, as Mule's family isn't even allowed into the royal palace. Mule retorts that his father and brothers died protecting that palace, and implies they will have died in vain if Mule and his troops don't act now. Saritus says that he heard there was a base camp around Midland with a highly respected force, and that the hero who leads them is none other than the White Hawk, Griffith. Looking on with shock, Mule says he heard that Griffith was tortured to death three years ago. Saritus mentions a rumour of the Hawk's friends rescuing him, and asks Mule to take this under consideration. Viewing innocent civilians being surround by the Kushan Army, Mule then becomes frustrated. He thus charges onto the battlefield, asking his men to follow him and save the people.[3] This section requires expansion.

Fantasia Arc

This section requires expansion.


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