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Mule Anime

Mule Wolflame

ミュール ウルフラーム


Myũru Urufurāmu


Episode 191
Wilderness Reunion


(2017 Anime)
Episode 15
Banner of the Flying Sword

Japanese voice

Mistuki Saiga




17 (as of Fantasia) [1]


150 cm (4'11") [1]


48 kg (106 lbs) [1]

Hair color


Eye color







Reborn Band of the Falcon


Knight; Midland Noble; Sonia's bodyguard

I knew it by instinct. That what I had set before myself wasn't merely another war to be recorded in history. Perhaps it belonged... to the domain of legend.
– Mule
Mule Wolflame (ミュール ウルフラーム Myũru Urufurāmu?) is a young noble of Midland and member of the reborn Band of the Falcon.

Appearance Edit

Mule is a young man of average height with blonde shaggy hair and blue eyes. He constantly appears in his grey battle armor that covers his entire body. Bonebeard declares him handsome and threatens to sell him to a Kushan harem.

Personality Edit

As a member of the reborn Band of the Falcon, Mule's primary responsibility is the protection of the prophet Sonia. Proud, Mule believes strongly in personal honor.

Abilities Edit

Mule proves to be quite strong as a fighter in close-combat, as Isidro notes during his fight with him in Vritannis. He is no stranger to warfare and has survived life in the battlefield. He is prepared to kill if necessary for Griffith[2]. Bonebeard remarks that Mule was trained in the orthodox style of the nobles.

Story Edit

Millennium Falcon Arc Edit

Mule is introduced angrily watching a Kushan column carrying off the possessions of his people.[3] When one of his men, Saritus, asks him if he is serious about attacking the column, Mule orders his silence and demands to know if he is a coward. Mule tells his army that to simply watch the Kushans take everything would be a total dishonor to the Midland nobility. Saritus asks him for a reason as to why his troops should risk their lives given that even Mule's family is not allowed into the royal palace. Mule retorts that his father and brothers died protecting that palace, and he implies they will have died in vain if he and his troops do not act. Saritus replies that he heard there is a base camp around Midland with a highly respected force led by the White Falcon, Griffith. When Mule states that he heard that Griffith was tortured to death three years ago, Saritus mentions the rumor of the Falcon's friends rescuing him. He begs Mule to take this under consideration. However, viewing the Kushan forces surrounding innocent civilians, Mule orders a charge.[3] This section requires expansion.

Fantasia Arc Edit

This section requires expansion.

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References Edit

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