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Morgan is a native of the Enoch Village.


Morgan was a man looking to be in his fifties or sixties, but not necessarily old. He had short, thick blond hair and beard, and many laugh lines. He was usually seen dressed in nightclothes and sometimes carried a cane.


Morgan was kind, wise, and humble, with a streak of what he admitted to be childishness that liked to chase fairies and the supernatural. He was not a confident one or one to stand up to authority, but he protested the Enochian priest's ostracism of the party sent to help them profusely. While the group stay and try to solve the troll problem, he lingers around Isidro and tries to offer good advice and assistance, often to the boy's irritation, but Isidro eventually warms up to him.


When he was young, Morgan saught out a cure for his ailing mother, and in the woods eventually came across a witch he would remember for the rest of his life who offered him her cure.


Millennium Falcon Arc[]

In those same woods again seeking help, but this time it is because their village is suffering troll attacks. Thinking he can find the witch again and she can surely help, Morgan runs into Guts and his new party. Explaining the situation, he and they make their way to Flora's sanctuary, formally meeting Schierke as they do. Flora offers them assistance with their troll problem, sending Schierke as magic support and arming the party save for Morgan with magical weapons and garments. Morgan leads the party back to Enoch, but to his distress, they are quickly pushed away in fear of Guts and in doubt of Schierke's abilties, with the priest telling them no magic will be allowed. Guts however, manages to get them a night's stay at the inn for their trouble.

While Schierke prepares to arm the town against the trolls, Morgan hangs around Isidro, trying to give him advice to the boy's annoyance, but eventually handing him a falchion, more suited to his size. When the trolls attack Enoch, Morgan stays with Isidro, coming to the boy's aid when the latter is subdued by a troll and defending him at his own cost.

Morgan expresses amazement with the group, Isidro and Schierke in particular, when they eliminate the trolls in Qliphoth and retrieve Casca and Farnese. When the group leave, he takes Isidro aside and confesses that that day in the woods when he was a child, he was merely running from chores and other responsibilities, rather than seeking a cure for his mother, prompting Isidro to focus less on what he wishes he could do and more on what he can do, and persuades him to stop acting like a fantasy hero.