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Morgan is a native of Enoch Village.[1]


Morgan is a mature man. He has short, thick gray hair and beard, and many laugh lines. He is seen dressed in simple clothes.[1]


When he was a child, Morgan was a daydreamer.[2] His older self is humble before the accusations of his Enochian colleagues of trying to cover a supposed sense of guilt after the death of the men who had accompanied him to seek for help.[3] While the group stay and try to solve the troll problem, he lingers around Isidro and displays a kind disposition. His adventure stuck with him, and Morgan feels thankful for seeing Flora once more, just like she was when he met her, as if she had waited for him.[2] In his old age, Morgan ponders on his childhood, noting how dreams can make for courageous challenges as well as opportune escapes, and challenges Isidro to see which is his stance on the matter.[4]


A seeker of witches and elves, he would ditch his chores and round around the mountains and forests whenever he had a chance. He imagined he would find a way to sneak away and set sail alone from Vritannis. This stopped when his mother fell ill. Before he knew, he wandered deep in the forest, assuming he did so in order to find a witch to save his mother from her illness. Half in a dream, he arrived at the Mansion of the Spirit Tree.[2] (Eventually, he remembers he was running from chores and his ailing mother, rather than seeking a cure for his mother.)[4] Morgan was then given a medicine by a witch which saved her from the brink of death. This happened fifty years prior to his meeting with the Black Swordsman Party.[5] No one believed him, and, as years passed by, he came to think it had been a dream.[1] As her mother had grown remarkably old, Morgan helped out with work and stopped going into the forest. Next thing he knew, he was old.[2]


Millennium Falcon Arc[]

As Enoch Village is under constant troll raids, Morgan and five other men enter the woods in order to request help from a witch. Five days later, they are attacked by trolls, leaving Morgan injured and killing the others. The Black Swordsman Party finds Morgan, and Puck and Serpico tend to his wounds. Explaining the situation, he and they make their way to Flora's sanctuary.[1] After a formal meeting, Morgan recognises the witch who helped him, with Flora doing the same.[5] Understanding his plight, Flora offers them assistance.[6] The day after, Morgan and the party return to Enoch. After introducing them, the denizens are in doubt of Schierke's abilties, with the priest telling them no magic will be allowed. Guts however, manages to get them a night's stay.[3]

While Schierke makes preparations against the trolls, Morgan wanders around in search of fish to cook for the group. Noticing Isidro's attempts at mastering his own sword, he cautions the boy and sets up a fire to allow Isidro to dry his clothes. Morgan and Isidro discuss about the village and Isidro's interest in Guts' fighting skills. When Morgan asks about Isidro's parents, the boy deflects the matter back onto Morgan, asking what kind of family could let an elderly man wander a forest in search of a witch. What's more, Isidro finds that he cannot understand why Morgan didn't leave Enoch Village when, after coming back with a witch, the other villagers did not appreciate the fact. Morgan responds that he stays in Enoch out old age, the fact that his family, whose members died in a famine, is buried there. He also points at how the village entrusted their fate to him. He then tells him about his own past, much to the boy's annoyance. Isidro accuses Morgan of growing old in Enoch honding on to his dream and runs away. Morgan watches the boy walk off before noticing Guts standing behind him. He tells the Black Swordsman of Isidro admiring him, but Guts does not respond.[2]

When the trolls attack Enoch, Morgan comes to Isidro's aid when the latter is subdued by a troll and defending him at his own cost.[7] Puck heals his wound shortly afterwards.[8] When the trolls are eliminated, Morgan expresses his gratitude toward Puck and Isidro, handing the latter a falchion heirloom, a weapon that is more suited to his size. He then recalls why he had actually wandered deep in the woods. The man ponders on how dreams can make for courageous challenges as well as opportune escapes, and challenges Isidro to see which is his stance on the matter.[4]



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