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Morda (モルダ Moruda?) is a young witch from Skellig.

Appearance Edit

Morda wears a dark robe and pointed hat similar to those of her fellow witches, however a small opening exposing her cleavage is present on her garments unlike the others'. She has a small satchel wrapped around her waist, a wooden staff that spirals towards the top which strongly resembles Schierke's own, and shoes that curl upwards at the tips. She has long dark hair and large but condescending eyes, and can usually be seen floating along on a broom.

Personality Edit

Morda is a loud, arrogant, and combative witch. Despite the protests of the other witches in her coven, she quickly begins barring Guts and his party from entering her hamlet in Skellig using increasingly dangerous monsters, which culminates in her setting an enchanted wicker man alight - despite the practice being forbidden - and risking much destruction in the ensuing fire. She is scolded by the rest of her coven, and then by Gedfring who quickly puts out the fire she caused, though she turns her nose up at them in response. Her attitude towards the outsiders quickly changes once Gedfring allows them in, claiming her home to be boring and showing much curiosity, asking them what the outside world is like.

Story Edit

Fantasia Arc Edit

Morda lives in a witches' village in Skellig along with the rest of her coven. When Guts and his group arrive at their destination, she believes them to be invaders and uses a forbidden spell to summon a wicker man after Schierke neutralizes the pumpkin field apparitions guarding the witches' home. However, she is left surprised when even this does not stall the party for long and ceases her attack once Gedfring arrives.

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