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Molda[expl 1] is a young mage residing in Elfhelm.


Molda is a loud, arrogant, and combative mage. Despite the protests of the other young mages, she quickly begins barring Guts and his group from making their way to Elfhelm, culminating in her summoning a wicker man, understanding the practice is considered to be hazardous and forbidden.[1] Upon being scolded her fellow young mages and Gedfring for her actions, she merely turns her nose up at them. Her attitude toward the outsiders quickly changes once Gedfring welcomes them, as she finds her home to be boring and becomes curious of the visitors' tales from the outside world. She particularly finds it wasteful that she and her fellow mages hone their magic in isolation, yet do not apply their abilities to a more appreciable extent in the world.[2]


Fantasia Arc[]

Molda lives within a village in Elfhelm on Skellig, along with many of the island's other mages. When Guts and his group arrive to the island, they are considered invaders. Despite the protests of other young mages, Molda summons increasingly dangerous monsters to attack the group, culminating in her summoning a wicker man, despite the act being considered hazardous and forbidden.[1] Molda is scolded by her fellow young mages and by Gedfring, who after arriving calms the situation and extinguishes the fire caused by the wicker man, though she merely turns her nose up at them in response. As the newcomers are escorted to the mages' village by Gedfring, Molda expresses her boredom with living on the island and begins inquiring of the visitors' tales of the outside world.[2]

After Casca's mind is mended, Molda observes the demonstrations of magic by Schierke and Farnese to the audience of Gedfring and other young mages. As Schierke struggles to take flight on a broom for her first time, Molda tells her she will learn faster if someone flies with her, and so she takes flight with Schierke on her own broom.

In their flight, the two see Gedfring, the Skull Knight, and Guts making their way into the depths of Skellig, which Molda notes is where the island's gloomier inhabitants reside.[3] Deciding to follow the three, Molda and Schierke meet an elder named Volvaba, Molda's mentor. Molda asks Volvaba if she has seen the three men pass by, to which Volvaba replies that they had gone through to the stone forest, where dwarves reside. As the young mages take their leave to the place, Volvaba asks Molda to come back from time to time to help her in rituals.[3]

After following the three and witnessing the subsequent events, Molda later delights in watching Isidro play pranks on the young mages who attacked him days before.[4]

Following Elfhelm's destruction, Molda escapes aboard the Seahorse alongside other refugees.


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