Mist Valley

Misty Valley.

Appearance Edit

A dense forest, filled with beautiful grottos had legends surrounding it of being filled with elves.

Story Edit

A small town bordering the mysterious valley was once the home of the girl who became the Apostle Rosine. Populating and guarding the Misty Valley with Pseudo-Apostles, Rosine made the Misty Valley's legend come true (in her own way) creating a haven for children, away from the persecution and dogma of the adult world. Her fabricated haven was burned to the ground by Guts in his hunt for Apostles.

Notes Edit

  • Puck says to Rosine while she is dying that elves really did live in the Misty Valley at one point. Skellig, the true home of the elves, shares a feature with the Valley in the story of Peekaf that may support this, being that both locations have a different, much slower flow of time.