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This article represents a provisional list of products related to Berserk. Most of these are categorized by the companies that produced them. Many companies have produced a wide range of products in merchandising Berserk; licensed to them by Kentarou Miura. Aside from printed materials, video games and figurines in particular have proven popular.

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Several figurines have been released featuring characters and objects ranging from all arcs of the series. Art of War and Figma have introduced a majority of the high quality figures and statues.

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  • Art of War
    • Berserk Commemorative Watch

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There is a Berserk trading card game that was released by Konami circa 2003. From

"The Berserk TCG works like many other TGC, basically you’re using cards from a deck (the card sets the player are using, they have to choose the cards themselves with caution and strategy before the duel) to beat the opponent by conquering more cities than him. [...]"

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  • Art of War
    • Beherit Replicas

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