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Mansion of the Spirit Tree (霊樹の館 Reiju no yakata?) was the home of Flora and Schierke. It was located in an enchanted forest on the outskirts of Enoch Village; protected by spells and golems from the spirits that plague the world.


Located in the forest near Enoch Village, the mansion lied within a continuous Interstice and was a conjunction between the physical plane and the Astral World. Normal humans were usually unable to find the mansion unless they were invited.


The mansion was built around a Spirit Tree, one of many that have their roots buried in the World Spiral Tree to keep it from growing and consuming the world in a global interstice. Flora, being able to tap into its power, made her home in the Spirit Tree to maintain the balance between the physical and astral planes.

Years later, Flora welcomes Guts and his company to her domain, despite protests from her apprentice Schierke regarding the strangers. She agrees to help Morgan with Enoch Village's troll problem by having Schierke join Guts' party while giving them arsenal to counteract the supernatural creatures along with protection.

Mansion on fire

The mansion comes under attack by Griffith's Apostle followers within the new Band of the Falcon, including Zodd and Grunbeld, as the tree's existence as well as Flora herself were a threat to their leader's plan. Flora, accepting her fate to die with the tree as Guts' Traveling Party return from their mission, instructs Schierke to fetch the Berserker Armor for Guts to use. Guts and the others learn the significance of the Spirit Trees, and by extension this place, while on Skellig.



  • A normal person has to be invited to find this place.
  • The mansion's design bears similarities to the woodland houses in Elfhelm.