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The Man-Made Beherit, also known as the Demon Womb or the Reincarnation Vessel is an artifact that took Daiba's entire life to be made.[1] It was created from the still-living bodies of apostles patched and chained together into a vat that is filled with amniotic fluid. A group of harashada stays in front of the contraption performing a hand sign. The Man-Made Beherit is normally used to create the daka by submerging a pregnant woman into it. As the apostles' body interiors are connected with the Astral World, the offspring is infused with the Abyss' evil power an apostle has within in order to transform it into a daka.[2]

Emperor Ganishka, in preparation for his battle with Griffith in Wyndham, later enters the Man-Made Beherit so he could transcend apostlehood. The contraption begins sucking the apostle's mist (which covered the city) back into itself. Daiba realizes that the lives of those touched by the fog are sucked in as it is directed to the contraption. He likens the machine to a beherit in this illicit function - the apostle Ganishka is undergoing another incarnation, something that shouldn't occur.[1]

After descending to the Abyss, Ganishka obtains an overflowing evil power and becomes a colossal entity that grows out from under the city streets ready to engage Griffith.[3] The Bakiraka and Daiba liken him to the god Shiva.[4][5]


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