Human-made beherit
Man-Made Beherit
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Chapter 233



The Man-Made Beherit, also known as the Reincarnator, is an artificial Beherit created by Daiba from the still-living bodies of Apostles sewn and chained together into a vat that is filled with strange liquids. The Man-Made Beherit is normally used to create the Daka by submerging a pregnant woman into it so the astral Apostle spirits would possess the fetus and transform it into a Daka.

Emperor Ganishka, in preparation for his final battle with Griffith, later enters the Man-Made Beherit near the end of the Holy Demon War so he could transcend his current Apostle state by tapping into the deepest parts of the Astral World with the life energies of those touched by the Beherit's acidic mist as payment, or perhaps fuel for his transformation. Ganishka, already a powerful Apostle and with a town full of sacrifices, becomes the monstrous Shiva, growing out from under the city streets and becoming so large he towers over Midland's tallest mountains, ready to engage Griffith, but promptly loses most of his sanity and individuality among the massive creature he has created.

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